Beautiful Tuscan Towns and Villages That You Should Visit

Beautiful Tuscan Towns and Villages That You Should Visit

When you are in Tuscany, there’s no doubt that you’ll be amazed by the regions’ captivating architectures and landscapes. Choosing which towns and villages to visit can be a bit challenging especially if you have so many to choose from but only have a limited amount of time.

In this article, we will list the top towns and villages that are worthy of your visit when you’re in Tuscany to ensure that you will prepare ahead on which ones suits you the most. Check this information below.

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Cortona – Located in the Arezzo, southern Tuscan province, Cortona is known to be a walled Etruscan town. This place provides a spectacular view of the surrounding valley and Trasimeno. Despite its small size, it still has some interesting sites that you should visit such as MAEC and the Diocesan Museum. If you love visiting churches, then this one has it like the Santa Margherita Sanctuary wherein it is worthy of your time to be explored. Apart from that, this is a famous set from the book and film entitled, Under the Tuscan Sun. You will also experience some of its famous red wine so you can guarantee that you will be able to relax and drink after your day of exploration around this place.

Montepulciano – If you want a piece for your senses then you should check out this town from Siena. This medieval town is filled with Renaissance architecture that has been brought by the Medici family in the 16th By visiting this place, you will surely be amazed by the genuine architecture considering the fact that no other major building work has happened here since 1580. This town’s center is in the Piazza Grande wherein you can admire the Duomo and its surrounding palazzos while enjoying a glass of the local Nobile wine.

Lucca – This town is located on the Serchio river thus making one of the few villages and towns that doesn’t sit on a hilltop. This town has traditional Renaissance walls but are taken to the next level. They treelined the walls which makes them ideal for cycling and strolling. You will have a good vantage point of the beautiful buildings and streets in this town. The streets all meet in the middle thus creating the circular Piazza dell’Anfiteatro and is lined up with bars, shops, and restaurants.

Barga – This village is located in the region of Garfagnana and is close to the town of Lucca. It is known in Tuscany as a hidden ancient village wherein it has very narrow cobbled streets, steep staircases, and tiny squares. There is an ancient and beautiful Duomo in the middle wherein it can provide you with a panoramic view of the entire village. This village hasn’t been touched by the tourism industry which makes it perfect if you want to soak up the real Tuscany without any disturbance by many tourists. It will surely brush up on your Italian before you leave the place.


How to Travel Tuscany On a Budget

How to Travel Tuscany On a Budget

Saving money for your next trip is very important especially if you’re a budget traveler. If you plan on going somewhere special like Tuscany, you might say that you’ll need a bigger budget because a lot of travelers would consider Italy to be an expensive destination. But if you dream of visiting Tuscany even on a tight budget then it can be entirely possible. There are alternatives and options which will surely put you on a less expensive path, and you can still fully enjoy the travel experience in Tuscany. So if you plan on going to an expensive destination like Tuscany but don’t have to spend that much then here are some tips for you.

Focus on the flight – Flights and travel fares, in general, are the most expensive things for any trip. To save money on this one, you need to be on high alert for any price drops and discounts on flight fares by airline companies. These cheap flights are usually available for certain periods or days, and it can be sold out very quickly considering that thousands of people would love to avail these kinds of offers. So if ever you see a significant price drop for a flight to Tuscany, don’t think twice about buying that ticket right away.

Look for an alternate accommodation – Hotels are expensive, and it can take a whole lot from your travel budget. However, hotels aren’t the only solution for your lodging accommodation, and as long as there is a roof, bed, clean room, and bathroom, then you’re good to go. If the travel destination that you’re going to is extremely popular especially for backpackers, then there’s a chance that there are hostels available there. You can also consider dormitories since it’s also famous in accommodating budget travelers.

Travel with friends – If you want to spend less on your vacation then it would be best to tag your friends along with you so that you can divide the expenses. Most of your bookings, especially for your lodging, would usually offer some discounts if you do it in groups. The more people you will be traveling with, then the lesser your expenses are going to be. So take advantage of inviting your friends months ahead of your intended date so that they can save money and go along with you.

Take advantage of street foods – Street foods are the best way to experience local foods. Most destinations like Tuscany has these kinds of foods, and they’re usually sold at a relatively low price. It will provide you with the best local foods experience, and you will surely satisfy your appetite by only spending a lot less.

Buy food in a supermarket – Apart from indulging in street foods, you can also cook some foods on your own as a way to save money for eating. It is ideal that you buy your ingredients at the supermarket or food market since this place has some of the cheapest stuff. In fact, you can even take advantage of buying your other needs there since they provide a variety of products and if you’re lucky enough, you can even find some products that originated from your own country.